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Psychedelic Disco  (Album 2019)

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Various Artists
Crystallin Compilation 02


Lava 303
Fine Selection -Dance-


Inspite of the grown number of releases in different ways

with great musicians from all kinds of art

we hope you´ll love this two-part instrumental selection

of chillin´tunes including songs inspired by those like mani neumeier

and otherside dance grooves collecting feelings

and moves from vistited people & places they belong to…


Let the good times roll !


Lava 303
Fine Selection -Chill-



Lava 303
Lava 303 Remix EP


My music project Lava 303

After the split of my Girl Rockband "The Slags" in 1998
I got involved in electronic music scene and started to
jam with the legendary MC 303 Groovebox,
Samples, Guitar and Effects...

I ´m calling my music Acid Rock n Roll
mixing electronic dance-music
psychedelic rock-guitar
noise & slides
world music & fairytales
interviews & political activism
electro songs & remixes.

On my 2nd album "Wunderbare Electrofrau"
I discovered my own voice as musical instrument
Since then I got involved in songwriting
and the production of songs & vocal tracks.
Most of them are still based on
Progressive Trance and Elektro Tracks
because I love to play Dance Music!

For my 3rd Album " Goddess rules"I started
a Lava 303 Band Project working together with musicians,
performance & fireartists

The 4th Album "Psychedelic Disco"
is going back to the roots of Lava 303
Beside of some "easy listening" Tracks and Remixes
as a framework, the main part of the album
is consisting of more or less straight
progressive trance & psychedelic techno, based on 303 basslines, 808 drums mixed with electric guitar,
weird electribe and virus sounds and trippy vocals.
Let´s Acid Rock n Roll...!


LAVA 303 music is Free of GEMA!
Gema lieber feiern...!

More about my actual Album Goddess Rules! (2011)
More about the
Lava 303 Remix Project (2012)



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