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Interview with SatanicElectro


Where are you from?

- I currently live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.


When did you start in music?

- I have been onstage in various bands since the age of 14.

I got into electronic music & Goa.

Psy in particular during the techno boom of the early 90's.


Who are your influences?

- I am very fond of ambient, drone and down-tempo music especially Total Eclipse,

Asura and Matenda I could listen to these every day to Chill-Out.


What is the vibe like at parties you play at?

- I am mainly gigging at various Goa parties around Europe.

They remind me of the parties I visited in the formative years of the Goa & Psy scene.

I enjoy meeting talented acts and dj's at these parties.


Do you prefer Djing or being a live act?

- I find I like mixing as it is an instant way to gage peoples idea of sonics

but I find playing my own sounds live a lot more satisfying.


What age groups are vibing the Goa scence?

- I have found all Goa people tobe cool and relaxed when I have met them,

but I find it most interesting to met fellow artists and dj's on my travels

as they have often been into the scene from its inception.


What is your dream gig?

- I love the vibe at all gigs, but nothing beats a crowd at an outdoor event for me.


What is your favourite piece of studio equipment?

- My favourite piece of studio equipment is Clavia Nord

as it is to me the essence of all good tunes.














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